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Hey Unicorns!

I thought today would be a great day to give you guys a peek into my journey and what I have learned so far.
So I have been feeling like there has been a higher calling upon me lately. Since I have given attention to it, I have started a business, I am releasing YouTube content, and now I am writing a blog. My comfort zones have seem to be disappearing and causing me to confront anything I thought I could not do. Everything seemed to be going right but I worried that something would go wrong. What ended up happening, was what I always feared most. I wanted deeper understanding of what was happening to me or how I could produce so much greatness but as soon as I doubted it, the ugly and bad would follow right behind.

I started researching self care and manifestation blogs. I have full faith in God but I wanted to be closer. I did not want the doubt. So I fell upon the law of attraction. From the law of attraction, I realized that there were things I needed to settle within, in order to move forward.....but not the way I normally do. I needed to be completely accountable, in a glass half full kind of way. If I want to be better, I have to know everything WILL be ok. Getting my mind and my body to corollate, has been a challenge. 

Believing it and talking like I already have it is the hardest part for me. But what is faith without the work? You have to put in the practice to get the hang of it. It is all in the way you take care of yourself in order to be your ultimate self. You also have to work for it. Whatever you are attracting needs guidance, you have to lay a foundation in order for what is meant to be, to be able to find you...well at least that is what I am getting out of it. Everybody is different! You have to see the light and gift in yourself. How can you have faith in anything when you do not believe in yourself?

While I am a newborn in this field, I have been referring to a really good friend. She's smart, luminous, beautiful, free, and everything else you could think of to compliment a strong black mom working for everything she has. Netra can help get you started, guide you, and make you healthier all in the same stride. She has a fantastic blog that helps me stay afloat when I feel like I am overwhelmed with information. 

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She responds and has a way of making you feel super comfortable with bridging the gap of what you don't know and what you want to know!

Let's Heal!

I am still finding my way and seeing what works for me. Not everything is for everyone and that is ok too. I am enjoying researching and talking to people who really know their shit. Here are some beginner key words and small preview of each chakra.

Law of attraction: philosophy that positive or negative vibes will bring you positive or negative vibes.

Meditation: form of expressing deep, focus thought through silence or chant; balancing or relaxation can come from such expressions 

Charka: several focal points of energy meant to be awoken through meditation for healing and manifesting.

The chakra is in column form, from the base of your spinal cord to the top of your head. There are 7 points of energy with colors to help symbolize their differences and importance. Each cycle of energy also positively effects the collection of organs nearest to that source of power. 

1. Red - Root Chakra (Muladhara), Earth element - located at the base of your spine, your foundation, support. It is where your survival, instinctual senses, and needs/security sprout from. Some think of this chakra to give energy to all points since it is the first. 

2. Orange - Sacral Chakra (Swadhisthana), Water element - located right under your belly button and above pubic bone. It is where your passion, creativity, emotions, and sexuality develop. As sense of self expression, intimacy, and relationships are controlled by the second stage.

3. Yellow - Solar Plexus Chakra (Manipura), Fire element - located in your upper stomach, near breast bone. The placing generates confidence and self worth, almost warrior energy like. Ego, personality, and a sense of self, develop when chakra is unblocked. 

4. Green - Heart Chakra (Anahata), Air element - located in the center of your chest right above your heart. As red is normally the color of the heart, green resembles health and prosperity. This also creates the balance between the 7 chakra; receiving and giving love.

5. Blue - Throat Chakra (Vishuddha), Sound/Music element - located at your throat. This helps develop your voice, your confidence, a sense of self expression. It helps you develop your communication skills, too much blockage could cause not being able to find the right words or voice how you are feeling.

6. Indigo - Third-Eye Chakra (Anja), Light element - located at the center of your forehead right above your eyes. This controls your imagination and wisdom. Your invisible eye should help transcend you beyond your regular vision. 

7. Purple - Crown Chakra (Sahasrara), Divine element - located (almost hovering like) over your head. The last to complete the entire body connectivity spiritually and universally. This develops the ability to see all things beautiful and from a higher consciousness.  


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This site has also helped me some. Do not be afraid to ask question or to do  research. You are not alone!

Blessings Unicorns!

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