A Message from Me

I would like to THANK ALL OF THE UNICORNS for taking the time out to check out my boutique and for supporting me at any point and time on this beautiful journey!

Now, onto me....my name is Keshia. I am founder and creator of Autumn's Corner. This is an online boutique that sells accessories with a more retro, vintage type edge. These are pieces that I feel bring out the inner goddess in every single buyer. My selected pieces are meant to just enhance our everyday beauty. 

I chose the name Autumn's Corner in ode to my late daughter. I just know she would of been one of the flyest queens to walk this planet. The type of fly you see and want to immediately imitate, next thing you know it is the trend on every corner. My little trendsetter.  

This is for both of my LeBrauns.

My family motivates me to be the best me. I want them to be proud of me. Their support has never waivered, no matter how many times I have failed or disappointed them. Your relentless love gives me power and it has helped heal me.
This is only the beginning!